She Is Gay Rights by Robert Hudson

Brook is stiletto-less in Splash

threw them at the drag queen she is      loose asshole!   and

                fuck you!             she is sobbing my stairwell 3 AM

box of goldfish crumbs on a Chanel dress for gay

rights and                               all y’all want is your rights        rolling and sexing she is

the breakbeat                  Jesus Christ!       I need gum…          orange juice

                                                turns up my bass feeling something she

                                can’t see, God, just to know it   is

possible, her dub-step God, touches her

                                moves her, in gentle ways the priest

                                                never did, but

Brook needs popping-cracking-molars,

5HTP, either sweat pants or Gucci

pearls or candy glow sticks and body paint like

the doctor’s sharpie lines hash - -

 - - marks she is breast-less and she is

mastectomy, 19 now

Double D-less    one in three


I was the I.V. the hairnet

safety-net wig brothermotherfather

but she is therenothere

and she is gay rights and goldfish and gone

Bio: Robert Hudson graduated from Louisiana State University May 2011 with a degree in Creative Writing. He was born in Austin and raised in Dallas; the Texan culture and landscape maintain a central focus in many of his works. He is the son of a lawyer and an English major, and will be attending law school in the fall with a focus in human and LGBTQ rights. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the LSU Honors College literary organization Fusion and assistant poetry editor of the undergraduate publication Delta.